Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu Edited with Brightness and Contrast

Was in kingfisher last time and was able to take some snap of the place. The view was really nice so I made up my mind to take the picture.

Check this out;

Evening View of Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu

Kingfisher is a place around Kota Kinabalu. This place is where a lot of non-resident University Malaysia Sabah Student’s stays. For me, this place is where I could find cheap food for my meals. There is not much interesting thing about this place as it is almost the same as other housing area.

The things that you might found in this place is a Giant Supermarket, 1 Cybercafe, 3 Vegeterian Shop, Lots of Malay and Chinese restaurant or some might term it as a Kedai Kopi. One of the most good thing about this place was, the cheap rate of all the photocopy shop. It was a good point which will keep inviting more students to come here since the distance from University Malaysia Sabah to Kingfisher is only around 2 to 3KM.

Stop the introduction about Kingfisher, I will go through the picture that I take. For now I was still learning to take the picture usin my canon A590iS with aperture priority setting. I guess this is the best picture that I could take at that time by using theA590iS. Maybe there is someone with a better talent than me and could make a better picture.

I edit the picture with GIMP Photo Editor (as I’m using Linux right now) and i get this results;

Edited with Colour Balance

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu using Colour Balance

Edited with Brightness and Contrast

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu Edited with Brightness and Contrast

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3 Responses to “Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu”

  1. karen says:

    I like the one that had been edited with brightness and contrast.

  2. Shally says:

    Thanks Karen.. I agree with you too…I like that one..

  3. there are lots of cheap foods on the market that taste like crap but there are good quality ones too .