Dead Sea Frozen?

It has been almost 5 days now when I got this weird dream. A dream of Dead Sea being frozen.


There is this one day on 7th of February 2014, dawn, I got this dream about the Dead Sea. In my dream I was in-front of the Dead Sea and I saw the Dead Sea was frozen. The sight in the dream were really scary and it does make me feel that fear is engulfing me. In the dream, there is this one voice telling me about the situation.

These were the few things that I remember being told by the voice;

“The Dead Sea was frozen due to what human have done”.
“They have killed thousand of children”.
“These children were the one that is trapped here” and right after he said that, I could see thousands of children bodies inside the Ice. They were on top of each other. And the view were really scary to me.



As I was scared, I realized that if this happen, the end of world is near since it is impossible for the most saltiest sea to be frozen.Then I asked him, “How can we avoid this from happening?” Then he said to me, “do you see that?” and I turned left and saw a small part of the Dead Sea which is not frozen. “That came from the people who still prays and have faith with God”. “This were the last of them. When they are gone, everything will be over” and I wake up from my sleep, fresh, and I saw the watch on my phone 3.47am. 7th February 2014. I realize on that time that this is something for me to remember and as I recalled, in recent years, thousands of children had been the sacrifices in the war. World are scary as it is now. Looking at the watch, as it is still early I continue my sleep.

The few days after that dream, everything has been very normal. Until one day on Sunday 9th Feb 2014 when I went to the church with my fiancee something just make me to believe in my dream. It was the fifth week of church and the reading for that day was taken from the Bible as mentioned by Saint Matthew 5:13-16. The reading is as follow (Credit to Bible Gateway);

Matthew 5:13-16

Salt and Light

13 “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.

14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that[a] they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

[a] Let your light so shine before others that


 This has really take my attention. Since as I know the Black Sea also remind me of the saltiest sea in the world. What connects them were salt. And I started to realize that the dream is not just a dream. There is a meaning to it. And there are too many meaning that you can understand. But it is depending on how you interpret it. For me, I won’t take the meaning too deep but only on what had been told to me.

“That came from the people who still prays and have faith with God“. “This were the last of them. When they are gone, everything will be over” 

From that I understand, as day passed, there are lesser people who had faith in God. Lesser people who prays, and lesser people who take things following the right human acts as told by the Holy Bible, Holy Quran, and other religious books. From the apple of knowledge, Adam and Eve learn about the knowledge of good and bad, and so do we. And we can see in this coming years, everything had been very scary. The good and bad balance is not balanced anymore.

The momentum of bad thing happening is really big and this is the forces of evil that might exist in our heart. As we can see lots of them speaking of an angel’s word while doing the devil’s act. And there are just too many of them. This also includes the non believer who done the bad things, the person who causes the destruction of religions and the country destroyer. It is just too much for me to say it. And there is just too little who is doing the right thing. Not much and as time passes by, there will soon be no more. If that time came, the End of World is the only thing that is left to appear.

I have this question for you. “If one day, you wake up in a world full of destruction, what would you feel?” Ask yourself and start doing things to avoid it. One way was to pray to God. I am very sure that if you asked for God to give you rice when you are hungry, He will never show Himself to give you. I am very sure when you really need Him, He will never appears before you. But I am sure that if you ever feel hungry, or in a big mess that makes you need Him, He stays beside you and doing all He can without you knowing it. He says, survive a little bit longer and have faith with Me and I shall reward you. He is just testing you because He knows that this world is just a place that we stop by for a while before entering the world where we will be with Him forever.

So at the very least, all I can tell from this dream and the Holy Bible reading, Have Faith with God and keep on praying. Because He always hear your prayers and there are a lot more other people who are doing lots more prayer than you are doing now. A common logic and funny fact was, which will you attend to when there is 2 kids who is crying. 1 kid crying only 1 time and then he stop crying and the other one keep on crying. If me I will attend the one crying more since it feels uneasy to have an environment where it is noisy. Same as Him, the more you pray to Him, the more attention He will pays. So if there are 86,400 seconds in a day, try your best to pray to Him or call Him 86,400 times a day. That will make you to be pray all the time. It is quite impossible but if you at least called Him 100 times a day, that would be enough. Just call His name the way you know him.

I am not a holy person but I am doing my best on what I know. In what ever religion you are (except for satanic religion) join me and call God’s name in your heart. The more the merrier. And please avoid Religious War. Peace Be With You.

Facebook releases look back on it’s 10th birthday

As said on the title.

Facebook has released their look back app on it’s 10th birthday. And of course everyone is so amaze by it.

Have yours here..

With this apps, it will make a short video for you which includes;

  1. Your first moments
  2. Your most like post
  3. Photos that you’ve share

It is an amazing apps that will take all your pictures and post that you have in your profile and combine it into a short video.

By the way, there are a few weakness that it have which are;

  1. The apps take random picture from your moments and you do not have control on what you want to share as the most precious moments in your life.
  2. If your most like post is something controversial, the apps will show it in the video since that is what the apps do which is to take the most like post. And again you got no control over what to put in the video.
  3. Well for those who take facebook seriously from the start, you will get a great first moments. If from the start you only upload some random picture, you will eventually see the random picture as your first moment in the video. And it will caused your video to be not amazing a at all.

Maybe a short improvement on the app could be done. Facebook can let this app to be an useful app in the future with more option to choose the pictures that we want. Make it to be light and easy to use. Well, what can we say more about this were facebook were giving it free for use for it’s 10th birthday so just be thankful and less complaint since you use it for free.

The Batik Boutique – Hotel design by heart

Here I am again for a business trip. This time I make it all my way to Sarawak. My flight last night arrive at 9.05pm and a friend of mine take me and fetch me to the hotel (well we got go around the city after that).
I arrive at the Batik Boutique around 9.45pm and I check in at the hotel. When I first arrive a guy (I think he us an Ibanese) greet me and ask me to take a seat while he do all the checkin stuff for me. While waiting, I found out that this hotel is quite artistic. It have its own feeling nurtured to it and this makes me quite amaze with the environment.
For me this hotel is not like the other 5star hotel that I usually goes on my business trip. Batik Boutique has its own feeling to it and for me it was design by heart for us. Well, I think there is a lot of words to describe it but as usual let the pictures talk. Since pictures does show a thousand word.

Commercializing my Experience.

I’m back!! And always around. But this time, I just turn everything I know about net into a service that will be useful to you. The one I’m talking about is Technology Info. Previously it has been a small news portal which I use to spread the news from around the blog. But now, it has finally become a website that provides service for you to set up your own online business. I know out there, web set up service has been very expensive. So I’m making this so that you will be able to create an identity for your business at the lowest cost possible. If you are interested, check out my service and enjoy your day.

Ali Topan Accident 16th August 2012

Feeling Down..~~

Many must have known about the recent bus crash in Sandakan – Lahad Datu road early this morning. I was there not in the bus but was in the bus just behind the one that crashed.

This is the rest of the story..

I was on my way back to Tawau (after I missed my flight to Tawau earlier and no empty seats for the next flight) with Sairah Bus. The bus departed around 8.20pm from Inanam terminal and we reach Checkpoint around 1.40pm and stop at the usual Sairah Bus shop to fill our needs.

30 minutes after, we leave the place heading for Tawau and the bus was moving quite fast as usual. After a while we passed the Kota Kinabatangan area and I were still awake at that time. Feeling half asleep I was shocked when people around me making noise and the bus that (which I am on) slow down and stop just beside a flipped down Alitopan Bus. I was quite blur with what happened and couldn’t believe my eyes. My bus second driver and operator rush out of our bus and went to the Alitopan bus. At that time, there is still no one out of the flipped over bus and I still can see smokes coming out from the rear left tyre (And I believe other people around me can see it too but I am not sure whether it is from the bus tyre or from other part of the bus).

Shocked and not being able to analyze what to do next, the operator which goes down earlier came up and ask for phone with torchlight from the passengers and luckily the lady behind my seat (who sit at the 3rd row) own a phone which has a led light with her and give it to him. Then the guy rush out to the scene and before going down he still able to mentioned “Can Someone Try To Get Help from firefighter department, someone is stuck and cannot go out from the bus“. And someone from among the passenger (some who is blur, shocked and some was talking among themselves) shouted call 999.

The same lady using her other phone did call 999 and at that time I was thinking the fastest to get help is to call directly to Hospital in Kinabatangan (which we just passed and not far from the scene). And then I remembered my friend (I Call her Kiah) who is a nurse there and try to search for her phone number. But I was not able to find her phone number from my iPhone. Then I turn ON my Samsung phone (which run out of batteries earlier) hoping that it can at least work for a while and her number is there. And luckily God is on my side, the phone works fine (and shutdown after awhile) and her number is there. I was able to make a call to her and tell her about this and she were telling me she will try to get to her emergency department and asked me to call 999 for this matter.

While I was talking with her, I could hear the lady behind me connected to the 999 department and able to talk with them a while and after that (not being able to tell all the story) she was disconnected with them.

Realizing this, I make another call to 999 and at the same time I am a bit afraid I could not make the call since the iPhone battery is also nearly exhausted (less than 20%). Luckily things gone quite fast, I was connected to them and using the previous report they were able to get picture of what happening. Staying calm, I speak out everything I saw and they also connect me to the firefighter department and Hospital in Kinabatangan. Knowing the location was around Kampung Paris, I was able to inform them in less than 10 minutes and waiting for them to take action.

At the same time while making the call, I can see people were gathering around and helping the victims who can go out from the bus. Some of the victims, were sent to our bus and were asked to rest while the other good Samaritans try their best to give help. At that time, 1 of the male victims came up to the bus and I could see his head is bleeding quite a lot which makes the bus smell of bloods. Being uncomfortable and worried that some were also like that, I went down from the bus to see what I can do to help. But to my experience (since this is my first) I could not even do anything and until now I still regret, I am a Chemical Engineer and I could not even do anything to help those who need my help. I have 2 certificates (which I got last year) from PBSM which is to give help during emergency like this but I could not even do anything as to give help to those who need it.

The only help I remember I was able to give was to move a girl legs to the other side of the chair since she was not able to move it. Other than that, there is nothing much I could do. Besides my regrets of not being able to help them, I also feel quite shocked when some of the victims who were able to move is still putting their items to their first priority while leaving some of the victims who needs their help unattended. Luckily there is other people from my bus and 2 other Sairah bus who came to help them, carrying the victims to the bus so that they could be sent for treatment at Kinabatangan Hospital or Lahad Datu Hospital. Seeing this I started to think, human is just so selfish. Putting their needs over a life who really need their help. Putting their priority to an item that can be bought over a life which we could not get a spare even in the hospitals. Human is just so into themselves and this is what had been occurring nowadays.

After a while things become quite settle down with 5 victims were left over there since 3 of them were unconscious and the other 2 is stuck. The only choices that we have is to wait for the firefighter and ambulance to came. Since nothing more can be done, our driver signal for the bus to leave for Lahad Datu, feeling guilty for not being able to help until everything finish, our bus move on since if we stay there, the victims on our bus could not be sent for treatment. Then we move on heading for Tawau and stop over at Lahad Datu hospital when we were to pass it. Things settle down quite much but I still can see some of the victims is crying disbelieving what had happened. For me, this was my 1st experience and my feeling of guilt for not being able to do anything is quite strong. I hope next time I am more prepared and will be able to help more in this situation.